Supernova Firework’s main focus is bringing you high quality effects safely for a great value.  We supply and shoot, both display and consumer fireworks.

The Supernova Team supplies and performs at 150+ shows in Ontario, including municipality and city shows, resorts, community events, concerts and many different types ofcelebrations.

Be sure to check our Event Calendar to see Public shows near you!

Little Britain Pyro Muscial 2017!

Our services include:

Pyro-musicals- A great way to always ensure a different show year to year for your guests! We want everyone to know the difference between an ordinary fireworks display and a Supernova Fireworks Display. Join our growing fan base and follow our page on facebook to see where our next Pyromusicals will be!

Wholesale- We have 1000s of effects for your display fireworks needs! We sell to licenced display fireworks supervisors who have a federally issued licence from the Explosives Regulatory Division of Canada and a permit issued by the Authority of Jurisdiction where the display will take place. Please email or call for more details.

Ready to shoot displays- Many communities have licenced fire departments who shoot displays where we have everything you and your crew need to put on an amazing display for your community!

Service many fireworks shows such as  weddings, community shows, private and corporate, resorts, and any other event where a fireworks show can be a great addition to the event.

Call us today to begin planning your 2023-2024 fireworks displays or inquire for more information Call Matthew for Display Firework Shows 705-934-1313